Snappy TrainerWhat is it?

The Snappy Trainer® is an effective training device, often used in multiples, to correct a large variety of unwanted behaviors. Since the owner can't always be at the scene of the "crime", the Snappy Trainer is the perfect training aid.

How does it work?

The Snappy Trainers are set and placed on the area to be protected. When the pet misbehaves and touches/bumps the Snappy Trainer, the large paddle lifts it quickly into the air and makes a loud snapping sound. The combination of the sound and the fast-moving paddle startles the pet, discouraging them from repeating the behavior. The quick snapping action is designed to startle, not harm, and is safe for puppies, cats, rabbits and is effective even for large breeds of dogs.

Why does it work?

The Snappy Trainer corrects the pet at the exact moment they misbehave, which is the most effective time to correct the undesired behavior.

Is it safe?

YES! Because it doesn't trap a pets nose or paw there is no risk of the pet being trapped or injured by the device.

What people are saying about it:

"The Snappy Trainers have worked great! Our Great Dane doesn't get on the couch anymore! We used to have to stack chairs on our sofa and loveseat, because anything else we used, he'd just knock right off. But now we just put the Snappy Trainers on and it keeps him away. Who would have thought something so small could work so well on a dog that big?" - Kristie W., Renton, WA.

"Great Product! Snappy Trainers really do work. With 3 cats we've really had problems keeping them off the furniture. It took only 2 weeks to train them." - Roberta P., Valley Village, CA.

"This is one training product that really works. Don't worry about the size of the paddle, just set it and forget it. Although it may take several to cover all the places you don't want your pet to be, they are well worth it. From keeping the puppy off the furniture to keeping the cat away from the bird cage, it works. Once my dog got the idea, I even quit setting them because she realized this was a toy she wanted no part of. The only fault I can find with them is that the kids like to play with them. When they set them off they fly across the room and the kids just love that. My compliments to Ted Baer as an innovative dog trainer and inventor. We sure miss Tundra." - Eddie S., Atlanta, GA.

"I just wanted to let you know the Snappy Trainers arrived. I put one on the kitchen counter (Genoa like to 'cruise' the counter with her front paws) and the other two on wastepaper baskets (these were the worst problem, she would drag the contents around the house). It only took one encounter to convince her that these things were not to be played with. The one on the counter went off and just about scared her to death. She stays clear of the ones on the wastepaper baskets. What a relief not to have to have to keep them up out of her range anymore. My daughter lives with a few girlfriends in Maryland. One of the girls has a puppy who is into everything. My daughter tells me she has to leave her bedroom door closed all the time because Ben goes in and pulls everything out. Perhaps a Snappy Trainer in the doorway would discourage that behavior? What do you think? I am going to give her all of the ordering info and have the dog's owner look into it! Thanks again for a great product." - Peg B., Henderson, NY.

Snappy Trainer Benefits:

• It's inexpensive - a pack of three Snappy Trainers is only $19.95.

• Effective with most pets - large and small dogs, cats and even rabbits.

• No training knowledge is required.

• It's effective - the pet's behavior is corrected the instant they misbehave.

• It's humane - the pet is not harmed or shocked.

• It requires a minimal time commitment from the pet owner - easy and fast to set up.

• It's space efficient - works in small places like chairs, spaces on countertops, etc.

• It works in the absence of the owner.

Discourages your pets from:

• Jumping up on furniture or beds.

• Stealing food from counters, sinks or tables.

• Chewing.

• Housebreaking problems associated with a certain room or area.

• Running out the front door.

• Stealing shoes from the closet.

• Digging.

• Entering restricted areas of the house (pantry, upstairs, formal living room, baby's room, etc.).

• Other destructive behaviors.

Where to buy the Snappy Trainer:

The Snappy Trainer is available through many mail order pet supply catalogs, veterinary offices and retail outlets. You can also purchase the Snappy Trainer from
The Snappy Trainer® 3-Pack part number is: Snappy-003

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